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Patrick Casey January 31, 2011

For all of you getting married in 2012 (yes, if you’re getting married this summer, it would be a tad late to start looking for a dress wouldn’t it?) and who want find the perfect dress, I would recommend having a peek at this website:  patrickcasey.ie. My friend Anita wore a dress Patrick had designed for her wedding and she looked absolutely stunning. Those two dresses above are my favourites from his current collection and… now I really feel silly telling you about how much I love those dresses… and not planning a wedding… because I’m married… it feels like I was cheating on my wedding dress. More about Patrick’s work here.


For the pretty bride October 11, 2009

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I was not even looking for bridal stuff, but I’ve found this beautiful shop today on Etsy: whichgoose. I immediately thought about Emma who’s getting married next year and would be the perfect bride to carry around a midsummer night’s dream – butterfly bouquet. I’m not sure Emma would agree (and right now she must be thinking: mind your own business you crazy woman… sorry Emma I can’t help it) but really she should consider (oh yes I insist!)


Fingerprint Wedding Bands August 10, 2009

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A lot of girls around me are getting married and it makes me happy. O.k don’t get me wrong here, I’m not any pro-marriage freak, it’s just that if people around me are happy it makes me happy. So, girls, look at those wedding bands, they’re amazing. I like the idea of having your beloved one fingerprint on your wedding band, it makes it very unique and it’s much nicer than having the classical wedding date engraved. Hubby and I have our initials in binary code engraved in our wedding bands… yes we are geeks… but it’s ok we know it…



Hila Rawet July 31, 2009

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Hila Rawet’s jewellery collections include a high degree of industrial design. Each collection involves different type of material: from folded paper sheets, to flexible plastic, metal buttons or leathers. The resulting jewellery is gutsy, with a feminine edge.  I wish I would get married again (hey hubby, not changing the partner… just maybe the accessories) so I could try a piece from the Kipul collection with my wedding dress.


Little Goddess Headband July 28, 2009

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I was again looking for some stuff for my friend’s wedding: we’ve done great on the invitations and the theme, but now I’m looking for some nice accessories. I like this headband but I’m not so sure it will go with my friend’s dress (yes… the dress… I’m not sure she’s made much progress on this side of the planning).


Flower Cluster Earrings June 27, 2009

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I’m still looking around for inspirations for my friend’s wedding. As she doesn’t know yet what she wants, I’m collecting pictures of objects, colour palette… I hope it will help her. Now that I’ve found this pair of earrings I just want to buy them for myself. But I won’t… it’s wrong!

white earrings

Twig is actually a great place to find beautiful and unique objects, whether it is clothing, shoes, art, jewelry or anything at all. The store offers a blend of modern, traditional and handmade products. You should check the store frequently as the owner is always updating her offer


Beautiful necklace June 26, 2009

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Rise and Shine

While browsing around to find ideas for my friend’s wedding I found this lovely necklace. Myra Kim (now Callan) is a talented artist and you can find more of her work here. When I see such lovely objects I wish I knew how to use a needle.