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The lovely creatures August 13, 2009

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Donna Wilson’s knitted creatures are so cute! They’re odd and unexpected but they’re so sweet. My favourite, well my favourites are Tina and Terry. Terry is a worrier, Tina is sly. Terry like thinking, Tina likes playing tricks on Terry. Terry dislikes loud noises, Tina dislikes bad breath. It’s a little early to think about our daughter first birthday, but Tina and Terry could be a very nice present.


Pirate Pigeons August 2, 2009

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For once I’m thinking that pigeons can be cute and aren’t just flying rats! Those pigeons are from Kate Sutton. Her Etsy shop is here and you can see more of her work here.


Plush June 30, 2009

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It looks like that child of mine has to learn to love plush toys so I can finally buy some! I’ve found new ones that are just adorable from Belgium based studio Plush. They say: “Plush is a sparkling new children’s clothing + accessories brand. It’s huggable. It’s cute. It’s raw and somewhat rock’n’roll!” They’re also designing great clothes, if she doesn’t want plush toys I can always buy her one of those nice tee.



Nora Does June 26, 2009

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Woollyhoodwink - Fluke

If you’re looking for cute and quirky gifts Nora Does is all you need. Nora Does is an online designer boutique specialising in designer toys and collectables .

They’re selling unique objects from USB sticks to mugs, they also sell a lovely range of prints and work by independent artists.