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Nadinoo October 14, 2009

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Sometime (well, most of the time) I think there’s something wrong with me. Tonight I was browsing around this shop and I nearly bought the first dress on the left. The thing is: 1. it is way too cold now to even be dreaming about wearing it 2. The shape of my body is not made to wear anything like this 3. Every time I put on a dress in the morning, I take it off about 10 minutes later… it just never feels right. Tomorrow this will be my challenge: I will wear a dress (yes hubby, for real this time!). Once I’ve done that I’ll need to reward myself and buy a new dress… hehe… clever…


Lazy Oaf July 22, 2009

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I’ve found a new website to be addicted to! Lazy Oaf is an East London based creative label, it was started by Gemma Shiel in 2001 and is now run by 7 crazy girls. They’ve got silly pop graphic t-shirts, necklaces, watches, sunglasses and more. Should I wear a Groucho face t-shirt to the Carlsberg Comedy Festival this week-end?


Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing July 17, 2009

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Seriously, it’s not because they’re small and can’t object than babies have to look stupid… they can wear trendy clothes too… and now you’re thinking: “she’s one of those mums who dresses her baby like a miniature version of herself”… nope, I’m not. But I think that babies can wear other things than cute elephant jumpers. More pretty outfits here. And for those of you who don’t know why animals should definitely not wear clothing, it’s time to read this book.


Is this a squirrel? July 16, 2009

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I was laughing my head off this morning while trying to figure if this was a cat or a squirrel. Anyway, my laptop would look so cool in one of those sleeves… Staying at home is no good for your budget really… my wallet tells me it’s time go back to work!


Menagerie July 15, 2009

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You don’t have to be a 5 years old to wear carrots or birds earrings. I really like the carrots earring from Desire Lines (hubby if you’re reading… I know I know it’s not Xmas yet!). I like the simple lines of the birds earrings and you should checkout the funny wale necklace!


Needle Necklace July 12, 2009

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My addiction to jewelries is just getting worse every day… This needle necklace can be worn as a drop pendant or with the needle pendant placed through an item of clothing. I personally think that it works much better worn through your clothes, the pendant way is just too boring really. Part of sale proceeds go to DAA (Designers Against Aids)


A lucky necklace July 7, 2009

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Not only this necklace is pretty but it can become your lucky necklace. I’m usually not the superstitious type, but I love the object itself so much that could actually start believing that there’s such things as a lucky necklace.


Enchanted Forest July 3, 2009

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I love these cute little rings! These acrylic rings feature silhouettes of forest or farm scenes and are simply charming. My evil side was thinking that they could come handy if I’d need to use my fist in a fight!


Cabinet of curiosities June 30, 2009

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I love vintage illustrations and I love jewerlies. Ms Vanda from Paraphernalia had the brilliant idea to combine both. The pieces she creates are very graphic, unuasual (not to say strange) and poetic. They’re also surprisingly affordable, and I’m going to buy the heart necklace right now… or maybe the ribcage one.


Plush June 30, 2009

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It looks like that child of mine has to learn to love plush toys so I can finally buy some! I’ve found new ones that are just adorable from Belgium based studio Plush. They say: “Plush is a sparkling new children’s clothing + accessories brand. It’s huggable. It’s cute. It’s raw and somewhat rock’n’roll!” They’re also designing great clothes, if she doesn’t want plush toys I can always buy her one of those nice tee.