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Make my shoes pretty April 15, 2011

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I love the shoe clippers from Ban.do, they make me want to partaaaay. Yes I realise how extremely ironic it is to write about partying on a Friday night… already in my pajamas… sitting on the sofa… very close to get the last ice cream from the freezer. But I’m taking a little rest from having too much fun before heading on holidays (where I hope I’ll have way too much fun). I’ve meant to blog about those shoe clippers since last December… what  can I say? Life’s just too busy sometimes.


Lala Shoes October 7, 2009

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The little one has been wearing shoes lately (the good on, the one with soft soles) as she’s spending a fair amount of time trying to walk (and really, letting her walk bare feet outside the house didn’t work so well anymore). Today I’ve found these cute shoes and as she’s turning one soon, I have a good excuse to buy her a new pair… I can’t wait for Christmas… I know it’s stupid because she won’t remember but Santa is going to have fun this year!


Too cute? September 5, 2009

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Our daughter rarely wears shoes… well, she doesn’t walk yet, so it’s best for her to be bare feet while she learns (plus it’s just so cute to see her grabbing toys with her feet first). But now that I’ve found those adorable shoes I feel like it would be nice for our baby to wear complete outfits that includes shoes (and I won’t look like a bad mum with my daughter cruising around without shoes… and most of the times without socks).


Tooco July 20, 2009

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Ooooh I wish I could buy one of these pairs of shoes! The illustrations are from  Francisco Miranda aka Tooco. Not only the illustrations are brilliant, but the shoes are also great. I’m so sad they’re out of stock at the moment.


Melissa Plastic Dreams July 9, 2009

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I absolutely love the Melissa Plastic Dream shoes and I didn’t think I could love shoes made out of plastic. Actually the shoes are made from a patented plastic known as Melflex: 100% recyclable, hypo-allergenic monomaterial that easily molds to your foot,impermeable and resistant. So it’s cute, eco-friendly and comfortable. The Melissa company was founded in 1979 and became hugely popular in the 1980’s with their signature jelly shoes. It’s only recently that the company moved toward more eco-friendly and socially responsible manufacturing processes.


Shoe fetish? June 28, 2009

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Christian Louboutin

I’m usually not big on shoes, I always buy nice sneakers but I’m not a girl obsessed with shoes. Even at the time I was watching Sex and the City, I just couldn’t get into the whole shoe thing. I like easy, comfortable shoes. I can’t wear high heels… well I can but I won’t, because I just don’t like the pain at the end of the day (or in some case within the next hour). But a while ago I’ve discovered those shoes: they’re expensive, I have no idea if they’re comfortable, but I feel like I could just by them. So I don’t know, if this is just me being brainwashed thinking I just need a pair of pretty shoes or if I’m just changing. Christian Louboutin’s shoes are worn on some of the world’s most glamorous feet, I’m not sure my feet could bare the comparison.