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A Peace Treaty October 22, 2012

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Almost every day of the year, I wear a scarf and the days I don’t, I regret it. It is an essential part of a layered outfit, it keeps you warm, it keeps your perfume… it is the growing up version of a cuddly. In the last weeks I’ve discovered that my daughter loves wearing my scarves, sometime she’ll pretend she’s cold so I let her wear it. It’s adorable and even though I really don’t like walking around in the Irish breeze without protecting my neck, she can have the scarf… watching her wearing it makes me happy.

I’ve just discovered those beautiful scarves from A Peace Treay. I like the story behind it as well, the aim of keeping ancient handcraft techniques, the unicity of each pieces.



Fortune cookie July 17, 2009

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I wanted to buy this for my friend A. as a gift, it would have made her smile and laugh maybe and right now she really needs it. But they’re out of stock at Supermarket and anyway they would only ship to the United States and Canada. Why is that? Don’t we, in the rest of the world, deserve some fortune as well?


Tamar Mogendorff July 16, 2009

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I loves Tamar’s Mogendorff”s work. My favourites are the birdhouses and the peacocks. They’re all very charming and poetic, and they’re great inspirations for story telling. I think it would be a perfect gift for my daughter but not sure she’d agree on just looking at them without being able to touch, lick or shuffle them in her mouth. Every objects Tamar creates are are made from linens, Mohair wool, vintage fabrics, tweed, antique embroidery, pashmina and other fabrics. Some of her creations are available here.


Molycoddle July 1, 2009

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The little mustache is very cute but I can’t stop laughing about the dentures soap! How funny would it be to surprise your guests (or freak them out) with the gift of false soap dentures next to the sink when they’re getting ready for bed?


Nora Does June 26, 2009

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Woollyhoodwink - Fluke

If you’re looking for cute and quirky gifts Nora Does is all you need. Nora Does is an online designer boutique specialising in designer toys and collectables .

They’re selling unique objects from USB sticks to mugs, they also sell a lovely range of prints and work by independent artists.