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Kyoko Hashimoto February 10, 2010

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Few days ago, one of my friend has pointed my growing obsession for jewelries. I didn’t actually realise until she said it… now I’m looking at my post for the last months and… duuuuh! The funny thing is that I don’t even wear that much jewelries, but I have to say if I was to start my life all over (not the early teens stage please) I’d probably try to give it a go as a jewelery designer. For now I’m just enjoying admiring other peoples work. More about Kyoko Hashimoto here.


Lego Wallet December 16, 2009

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It’s too late to order those funky wallets by ColorByNumbers for Christmas… But nothing to worry, we’re starting the year soon enough…


Individual Icons December 3, 2009

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Another great bracelet by Individual Icons. I read it can be a good gift for guys. I say, I don’t think so… I’m keeping it for myself!

(via Indie Fixx)


Trademark T-shirts December 1, 2009

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This one is for the boys who’ve been complaining that I never post about guy’s stuff. I’m a huge fan of the Mister P. t-shirt! They don’t have my size though… oh yes I had forgotten already, this one is for the lads, not for me…


Bloodsuckers rings November 30, 2009

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This one is for all my friends who are obsessed with the Twilight saga at the moment. I personally don’t get it… no seriously I don’t. I keep staring at Edward and I just don’t get what’s the fuss is about (he’s waaaaaaay below my standard says the cheeky voice inside of me). But anyway ladies, you can add this ring to your Christmas wish list… who knows…


Christmas is coming November 25, 2009

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Christmas is coming soon. Yes, I’m only realising now… because I’m very slow at those things. I really need to get started just thinking about what would be nice to get friends and family. I have no idea who I could get this ring to, but I’m dying to buy it just for the craic.



Lilian Asterfield October 11, 2009

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I’m as excited as if I had found gold! I’m in love, I want them all. Lilian Asterfield is the label created by genius goddess (yep… just that) Nicole Deponte. Her label is providing a whole line of one of a kind accessories all made out of ties. My favourite top (for now 10 years nearly) is a very shy version of what Nicole Deponte does. I’m ready to have a new favourite top! I just have to make a decision now… this is going to be a tough one.


Creature Hoodie October 6, 2009

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Rocket World’s Creature Hoodie Sasquatch “Wild Thing” Edition is part bear, part beast, and part Bigfoot. They say it’s perfect for mischief, subversive actions, taking on poachers and corporate greed, communing with nature, urban exploration, and staying cozy… I’d love my man to have one like this… Yes, I like furry men.


Moustache Gloves October 2, 2009

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Winter is coming… o.k, o.k not quite. But it really felt like it this morning. The moustache madness seems to have no limits and I’d happily add this new item to my moustache collection!


Earth Brooch September 14, 2009

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Select your favourite place on earth and wear a custom piece of jewelery based on the topographic landscape. I really like the idea and if it wasn’t for the price I’ll get like 3 of them… yeah I haven’t been able to make a decision, so as usual I’m going for the easy way: I want them all!