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Juliette Hogan November 15, 2012

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Today was a perfect day. Hubby and I went swimming with the little one, had lunch together. Then I went shopping a little, and even managed to get my hands on a pretty pair of Maison Martin Margiela’s pump in H&M. On my way back home (as I was all excited thinking about when I’ll get to wear those pretty shoes), I looked at my reflection in a window… and was pretty disgusted with the state of me. After few months home, it’s becoming clear that I need to stop wearing clothes that could be confused with pajamas (and not the stylish trendy type). But while you’re out of touch with the real world, sometimes it’s hard to guet dressed. However, when I’m looking at Juliette Hogan’s collection, I know what I want to wear. I want to wear pretty and simple dresses, outfits that would be perfect for nice lunch with husband, reading books by the canal, mummy’s dates. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my little girl, but today I’ve decided that she’s entitled to spend time with someone who puts a little more efforts into dressing in the morning.




A Peace Treaty October 22, 2012

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Almost every day of the year, I wear a scarf and the days I don’t, I regret it. It is an essential part of a layered outfit, it keeps you warm, it keeps your perfume… it is the growing up version of a cuddly. In the last weeks I’ve discovered that my daughter loves wearing my scarves, sometime she’ll pretend she’s cold so I let her wear it. It’s adorable and even though I really don’t like walking around in the Irish breeze without protecting my neck, she can have the scarf… watching her wearing it makes me happy.

I’ve just discovered those beautiful scarves from A Peace Treay. I like the story behind it as well, the aim of keeping ancient handcraft techniques, the unicity of each pieces.



Oh Lauren where have you been? February 7, 2011

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Probably not new to you, but I have just discovered Lauren Moffat and I absolutely adore her.  I mean not her (I’m sure she’s lovely and all) but the clothes. They are vintage-inspired, colorful, stylish and just really pretty. I’ve been struggling a lot those days to find clothes that I like and that I could wear without looking like I wanted to be someone else. And this is what I’ve been looking for… if I could I would buy all those pieces… well if I could I would actually buy just one, that would be already brilliant. Those pictures are from last season (and currently on sales, yeepeeeee), I will post again about the new collection. More about Lauren Moffat here.


Hamadri print by Tory Burch January 24, 2011

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I need to plan a beach holiday so I have a good excuse to buy this one piece swimsuit by Tony Burch. I think it’s so colourful and pretty  that it could keep my mind distracted from the fact that I hate wearing swimsuit.


Pretty legs January 17, 2011

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New tights from les Queues de Sardines! As usual, an unconventional and funny range of really beautiful tights. I want my legs to be elegant and funny at the same time!


Stella for kids November 25, 2010

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So I absolutely adore Stella McCartney for kids. It’s brilliant and girls can wear pretty clothes that don’t make them look like big tarty meringue. There are actually a lot of items I’d love for myself and I really wish I could wear those yellow boots!



Creature of Comfort June 9, 2010

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I came across this site today and I realise how much I’d love to wear dresses more often (and pretty lady shoes). I especially love the the black outfit, the shoes are gorgeous and I’m pretty sure that if I could squeeze myself in it, It would make me look fabulous! More about Creature of Comfort here.


Pretty Colours February 16, 2010

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Electric, cheerful colours, this is what I need to get over this stupid gloomy winter feeling. I want pretty dresses by Kara Janx, I want parties I could go to and wear those pretty dresses, I want sun, I want cocktails!


Les Queues de Sardines January 25, 2010

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Those stockings are fabulous, I like the illustrations (clouds an rain are just lovely!) They are designed by a company called Les Queues de Sardines (this name is actually great too). Check out their collection here.


Betty Page’s dresse December 7, 2009

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We had a movie night last Saturday: my friends had never seen Cry Baby… a shame really… but now it’s fixed (by the way, if you’ve never seen it’s time to do so). So, inspired by the movie one of my friend has decided to try the third dress on the right for our Christmas party. She’s going to look fabulous, I just can’t wait to see!

We’ve also decided (after the same movie) to try on fake eye lashes… I’m pretty crap at make up in general, so I hope this is not going to be a total disaster.