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PeekoApparel February 24, 2010

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Prety, pretty, pretty! Not only it is pretty (did I mention it’s pretty?) but it will keep your neck warm. Have a look around the shop.


Happy Crappy Day February 10, 2010

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I’d probably use the crappy day option at the moment… sad days I’m telling you, I wish I’d be one of those strong person with a brilliant optimistic spirit. But I am not, I am someone who’d love to wear a crappy day ring. Rings are by Weaselfactory.


For the pretty bride October 11, 2009

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I was not even looking for bridal stuff, but I’ve found this beautiful shop today on Etsy: whichgoose. I immediately thought about Emma who’s getting married next year and would be the perfect bride to carry around a midsummer night’s dream – butterfly bouquet. I’m not sure Emma would agree (and right now she must be thinking: mind your own business you crazy woman… sorry Emma I can’t help it) but really she should consider (oh yes I insist!)


White Owl Jewelry August 17, 2009

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Today I feel homesick. It’s not so much that I miss living in France, but I miss afternoons spent watching my mum sewing or cooking. Well, really I miss being 5 years old… And this is all because this morning I was looking at those necklaces from White Owl. It’s just reminded me of times where I could be happy spending hours wearing a curtain as a veil pretending I was getting married to Goldorak.


Vintage Eyewear August 13, 2009

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I’m so tempted to get new frames! I’m not so much into vintage in general but I’d love to try one of those. I used to have a pair of very bright pink glasses, it took a while for people around me to get use to them… I’m not sure how they’d react if was wearing those Cat Eye frames.


Hello people August 4, 2009

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So that day at work wasn’t so bad. Tomorrow I’ll be in a better spirit, so I could wear a hello necklace, or greet people with a friendly hi or even invite them for a cup of tea. I really like Joanna Rutter’s jewelry collection, she’s probably one of my favourite Etsy seller.


Shark Hoodie August 4, 2009

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This shark hoodie is so cute I couldn’t resist posting while being at work!! I especially like the little fin on the back. But because I’m a good girl, it’s gonna be a quick post… back to serious stuff now!


Little Red Ridding Hood August 3, 2009

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Sweet memories…


Pirate Pigeons August 2, 2009

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For once I’m thinking that pigeons can be cute and aren’t just flying rats! Those pigeons are from Kate Sutton. Her Etsy shop is here and you can see more of her work here.


Hummingbird necklace July 29, 2009

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I love this necklace, because it’s simple and stylish and because I love hummingbirds. Hummingbirds must be the cutest and funniest birds ever (also the smallest).¬† I love the way they move and flap their wings. I read somewhere (who am I kidding! I read it on wikipedia!) that they can flap their wing 12-90 times per second depending on the species… wouaaaaw!