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Patrick Casey January 31, 2011

For all of you getting married in 2012 (yes, if you’re getting married this summer, it would be a tad late to start looking for a dress wouldn’t it?) and who want find the perfect dress, I would recommend having a peek at this website:  patrickcasey.ie. My friend Anita wore a dress Patrick had designed for her wedding and she looked absolutely stunning. Those two dresses above are my favourites from his current collection and… now I really feel silly telling you about how much I love those dresses… and not planning a wedding… because I’m married… it feels like I was cheating on my wedding dress. More about Patrick’s work here.


Creature of Comfort June 9, 2010

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I came across this site today and I realise how much I’d love to wear dresses more often (and pretty lady shoes). I especially love the the black outfit, the shoes are gorgeous and I’m pretty sure that if I could squeeze myself in it, It would make me look fabulous! More about Creature of Comfort here.


Pretty Colours February 16, 2010

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Electric, cheerful colours, this is what I need to get over this stupid gloomy winter feeling. I want pretty dresses by Kara Janx, I want parties I could go to and wear those pretty dresses, I want sun, I want cocktails!