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Tiny Drawing July 21, 2009

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This necklace is super cute and sweet. I love the fact that the drawing is the actual drawing rather than a print. I love it but I don’t tink I’d wear it. And I’d love to give it as a gift, but I’m not sure any of my friends would actually like it enough to wear it. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up buying it waiting to find the right person to offer it to… and it will turn out that the right person is me 🙂


Col Claudine July 10, 2009

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As a child, I use to love pretty little dress with this type of collar (not sure this is the appropriate term). In French, we call them “col Claudine” (from Colette’s novel) but then there was that girl I knew and I didn’t like who was named Claudine… that was the end for me. But now that I’m much older and I can’t even recall why I hated that poor girl, I’d actually love to have one of these.


Melissa Plastic Dreams July 9, 2009

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I absolutely love the Melissa Plastic Dream shoes and I didn’t think I could love shoes made out of plastic. Actually the shoes are made from a patented plastic known as Melflex: 100% recyclable, hypo-allergenic monomaterial that easily molds to your foot,impermeable and resistant. So it’s cute, eco-friendly and comfortable. The Melissa company was founded in 1979 and became hugely popular in the 1980’s with their signature jelly shoes. It’s only recently that the company moved toward more eco-friendly and socially responsible manufacturing processes.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away July 8, 2009

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Have your teatime apple with style: these lovely hand-knit jackets will keep your apple safe and cosy. It’s cute and lovely and despite what hubby would say: no it is not useless!


For my friend purse’s addiction June 29, 2009

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Too-wit Too-woo

My friend O. is addicted to bags… no seriously she must have at least one for every single week of the year. But the funny thing is that I only can think of three of her bags… so maybe she only uses the other ones when she doesn’t hang around me.  Even though I don’t get it, I’d like to make her happy and get her one of those. Or maybe is it wrong to indulge her addiction? I’ve found those on Hanna Zakari, a nice shop for independent designer.


Nora Does June 26, 2009

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Woollyhoodwink - Fluke

If you’re looking for cute and quirky gifts Nora Does is all you need. Nora Does is an online designer boutique specialising in designer toys and collectables .

They’re selling unique objects from USB sticks to mugs, they also sell a lovely range of prints and work by independent artists.