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Yummy Plush July 13, 2009

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This wouldn’t be the best gift for your vegetarian friends kid… or it could be if they’ve got a great sense of humor. Since my last post about plush, my daughter has actually started to like plush toys… this would make a perfect favorite!


Wool and the Gang July 11, 2009

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I wish I was one of those crafty girls: gifted and talented… but despite my two good hands (one left, one right and ten good fingers) I’m no crafty. I tried to learn to knit in the past, but that wasn’t very successful. And now that I’ve discovered this really cool and funky website Wool and the Gang, I wish I could use those two hands… well I’m using them right now… I’m typing… and typing a little more… maybe I’m not a lost cause!


Corky Saint-Clair July 10, 2009

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Cute and funny necklaces by Chris Bril from Corky Saint-Clair. One of my favourite  is Nutsu the Skittish Squirrel, because he’s a little bit naughty. It is said that all the other squirrels laughed at him when he said he wanted to get into fashion. Who’s laughing now, huh?


HeadHoods June 30, 2009

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HeadHood 1

HeadHood 2

Last week in France, a decree has been voted to prohibit people to voluntary hide their faces while participating to a demonstration. Wearing a mask, a hood during a demonstration could theoretically get you into trouble and you could have to pay up to 1500 euros fee. But could you get away with wearing on of those hoodies?  Made by Brooklyn artist Clinton van Gemert (HeadHoods), those hooded sweatshirts are somehow creepy…and yet so brilliant!


For my friend purse’s addiction June 29, 2009

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Too-wit Too-woo

My friend O. is addicted to bags… no seriously she must have at least one for every single week of the year. But the funny thing is that I only can think of three of her bags… so maybe she only uses the other ones when she doesn’t hang around me.  Even though I don’t get it, I’d like to make her happy and get her one of those. Or maybe is it wrong to indulge her addiction? I’ve found those on Hanna Zakari, a nice shop for independent designer.


Geeky necklace June 29, 2009

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I’m a graphic designer and I would love one of those necklace. You have to be sort of a geek to wear them but I don’t care I’d love to. I’d be a proud geek with my Helvetica necklace.

(via fubiz)


I Heart Guts, Love Your Inside June 28, 2009

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I Heart GutsMy daughter does not care for toys and care even less for plush toys, she’s much happier playing with the remote control, my wallet or a spoon. So I don’t have any excuse to buy her a plush toy from I Heart Guts and then keep it for myself… and it is a pity. I particularly love the Kidney Plush: When Urine Love. I just can picture my husband and myself checking before leaving the apartment: “do we have the kidney?” “where did you put the kidney?” “did you put the kidney in the diaper bag?”