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Yummy little thing July 28, 2009

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Oh I love this! It’s so gorgeous! I can already see little one wearing one of those (and ruining within 10 minutes, because it wouldn’t be fun otherwise). The top starts fitting around 8 months and continues to grow with the child up to 5 years! Plus it’s reversible!


Where’s summer? July 23, 2009

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I know I live in Ireland and I shouldn’t be surprised about the weather… but seriously? Can we get some sun too? Should I find confort in buying myself a new jacket at Soïa & Ko?


Lazy Oaf July 22, 2009

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I’ve found a new website to be addicted to! Lazy Oaf is an East London based creative label, it was started by Gemma Shiel in 2001 and is now run by 7 crazy girls. They’ve got silly pop graphic t-shirts, necklaces, watches, sunglasses and more. Should I wear a Groucho face t-shirt to the Carlsberg Comedy Festival this week-end?


Little Factory July 21, 2009

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I’ve just discovered this website: littlefactory.com and I love it. My favorite are the upper case and lower case scarves. Graphic Design can be pretty to wear too!


Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing July 17, 2009

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Seriously, it’s not because they’re small and can’t object than babies have to look stupid… they can wear trendy clothes too… and now you’re thinking: “she’s one of those mums who dresses her baby like a miniature version of herself”… nope, I’m not. But I think that babies can wear other things than cute elephant jumpers. More pretty outfits here. And for those of you who don’t know why animals should definitely not wear clothing, it’s time to read this book.


Smart kids July 14, 2009

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I’m not big on clothes for babies with wording like: “I’m cute”, “I’m super cute”, “kiss me I’m cute”… usually (especially for girls) they come in hideous pink (nothing against pink in general but the ugly one in particular) with glitters and stupid sentences! Well I’m exaggerating a little bit here, they aren’t always that bad, but you get the picture. And because it’s never too early to learn (big words), I think I’ll get some of those for my daughter. Actually it isn’t so much for her than for me… it’s time to improve my vocabulary in English.


Graphic Design Heroes July 3, 2009

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For all the graphic design lovers out there: you can be a proud geek wearing a Graphic Design Heroes t-shirt. Designed by Paul Nini, each t-shirt features a graphic designer whose name is displayed in his signature style.


I’m smitten July 1, 2009

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Even if you’re not a kid anymore, you are allowed to have an imaginary friend. In children’s stories, animals always mean magic: they talk, wear clothes and sometimes they go to school. Inspired by this universe, Ashley Alexander of ImSmitten.com is infusing in our everyday life, the enchanted characteristics of story book animals. That way, she says “everyone has access to it and hopefully adds something a little bit pretty and strange to their day”.


eco-line by alena hennessy July 1, 2009

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Alena Hennessy

Made of certified organic materials with earth friendly inks, this collection by Alena Hennessy is beautiful and good for the hearth. Nature being one of the artist’s main inspiration it does just make sense to be sensible and create pieces that respect nature itself. The artist’s painting would be perfect for a nursery, not only for a nursery of course, but my brain is still child obsessed at the moment… Babies can enjoy nice art too!


HeadHoods June 30, 2009

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HeadHood 1

HeadHood 2

Last week in France, a decree has been voted to prohibit people to voluntary hide their faces while participating to a demonstration. Wearing a mask, a hood during a demonstration could theoretically get you into trouble and you could have to pay up to 1500 euros fee. But could you get away with wearing on of those hoodies?  Made by Brooklyn artist Clinton van Gemert (HeadHoods), those hooded sweatshirts are somehow creepy…and yet so brilliant!