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Amanda Wachob Tattoo March 11, 2010

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Like many people I often think about getting a tattoo, but will probably never get one done. One reason is that I’d be debating for ever with myself about what I should get. Does it have to be meaningful? Should I first take one of those test that decides for you if it’s right or not to get one? But now I’ve discovers Amanda’s work and it has changed my perception of tattoos. I just had no idea you could get tattoos like this… well again I know nothing about tattoos.  Now I guess I just need to get over my fear of needles and my very low threshold to pain.


Loving crochet September 2, 2009

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I need, I want to meet Shannon Gerard. For tonight she’s my new idol, my new goddess. I had such a blast earlier today when I came across her work: The Boobs & Dinks Early Detection Kits. It’s not only cute and funny, it’s also very helpful. These plush crocheted penises have little lumps sewn inside that can be found by following instructions in the accompanying booklets. The booklets also teach you how to perform monthly self-examinations of your own precious privates! Shannon Gerard writes and draws, makes artist’s books about hope, faith and human frailty, she’s creating those hilarious crocheted plush sculptures… and she also teaches courses in print media and nano-publishing at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. She just sounds like the type of girl you’d want to be spend time with, who wouldn’t love to get crocheted plush sculpture on his birthday? Have a look around on her website: shannongerard.org


Art Patch July 30, 2009

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If I had one of those patches on my clothes when I was in primary school, I could have been an outcast (yep those didn’t make you very popular in my schoolyard)… but an outcast with style. I didn’t know anything about art at that time though (not that I would know much about art today) and I would have probably just screamed at my mum for trying to make me wear something like this!


Monsieur Billault July 16, 2009

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It is always nice to be surrounded by talented people like Monsieur Billault. Gaetan Billault is a French artist (French but nice… I swear) who lives in Dublin, makes amazing drawings and creates weird but lovely dolls. His work can seem slightly morbid to some, but I love the way he’s sharing his mysterious and peculiar world with the rest of us (you have no idea how happy I am to be using the word “peculiar”… ahaha… remember, I’m French!).  I’m the proud owner of the bird doll, well no… my little one is the proud owner! You can see more of his work here.


Today I am a Polar Bear July 2, 2009

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hannah waldron

Today I am a Polar Bear is a beautiful limited edition featuring 7 different illustrated animal masks to make and disguise yourself as. Each book is entirely handmade and features a screen printed cover and hidden poster and another screen print within the centre page. It even includes a unique handmade finger puppet. This is the type of work that makes me regrets those days I was spending drawing in Art school.


Sanna Annukka June 28, 2009

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Sanna Annukka

I finally remember the name of the artist I was looking for this morning: Sanna Annukka. Now, looking at her work it’s quite different from Naomi Murrell’s work, but it did trigger that little connection in my tiny brain. You can find out more about Sanna Annukka on her website.


Alice June 27, 2009

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ceramist / designer

A friend of mine is a very talented ceramist and designer leaving in Paris. Her name is Alice Gavalet and she studied in the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris . She has worked with Guy Degrenne, Kenzo and Givenchy. She actually works with Elizabeth Garouste and when she’s not working she keeps herself busy with her personal work (pictures above). I am the proud owner of several of her creations including the pink guy on the picture above and she’s been kind enough to create accessories for my daughter.