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Ladies pants February 28, 2011

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This made me laugh so hard I had to share. Oh you might say they aren’t pretty, of course they are! and comfy… and just so hilarious.

And you can buy those beauties here and here.


Handmade porcelain jewlery from Goldenink February 21, 2011

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Dear Husband, look at those pretty rings and bracelets (see how I’m also subtly trying to assess if husband is reading blog)… and it’s really good we don’t do Valentine’s day in our house because you can find tones of other reasons to surprise me (I’ll totally fake the surprise I promise).

Sorry for that little digression now, but it’s important to get your point across sometimes.

I don’t wear bracelets very often (something about the fact that they just keep getting in the way when I’m working on my computer), but I absolutely adore those blue ones. Katherine Wheeler and  Abby Seymour are two artists and together they create pieces that are hand crafted, painted and fired in their own kiln. They don’t do mass production and this I really like. (found via bloesem)


Oh Lauren where have you been? February 7, 2011

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Probably not new to you, but I have just discovered Lauren Moffat and I absolutely adore her.  I mean not her (I’m sure she’s lovely and all) but the clothes. They are vintage-inspired, colorful, stylish and just really pretty. I’ve been struggling a lot those days to find clothes that I like and that I could wear without looking like I wanted to be someone else. And this is what I’ve been looking for… if I could I would buy all those pieces… well if I could I would actually buy just one, that would be already brilliant. Those pictures are from last season (and currently on sales, yeepeeeee), I will post again about the new collection. More about Lauren Moffat here.