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Lego Wallet December 16, 2009

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It’s too late to order those funky wallets by ColorByNumbers for Christmas… But nothing to worry, we’re starting the year soon enough…


Keyman Design December 15, 2009

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I love those pieces designed by Keyman. I’ve found them on Erayo, a  B2B online trade show dedicated to designed products. The idea behind Erayo is the believe that exclusive products should ‘cross the ocean’ online. It works! I can already see that beautiful brooch crossing the ocean just for me.


Crywolf Clothing December 9, 2009

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You can never have too many t-shirts. I wish I would wear pretty dresses every single days… but this is real life (at least mine) and this is something I really can’t do. Especially now that it’s getting cold… my need for warmth and comfort is trying to take over my sense of style. But some nice tees from Crywolf (wink, wink hubby) would solve all my very very important problem.


Betty Page’s dresse December 7, 2009

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We had a movie night last Saturday: my friends had never seen Cry Baby… a shame really… but now it’s fixed (by the way, if you’ve never seen it’s time to do so). So, inspired by the movie one of my friend has decided to try the third dress on the right for our Christmas party. She’s going to look fabulous, I just can’t wait to see!

We’ve also decided (after the same movie) to try on fake eye lashes… I’m pretty crap at make up in general, so I hope this is not going to be a total disaster.


Pacing The Panic Room December 5, 2009

You might have seen those pictures before, but just in case… Ryan Marshall’s blog : Pacing The Panic Room documents his life with his wife, stepson Little Buddy and their new baby Tessa Tangerine. I had started to follow the blog when she was pregnant and was amazed/tiny bit jealous by the pictures he has taken of her. We did take pictures while I was pregnant but let’s face it: first I looked nothing like her and well… the pictures weren’t so good (sorry honey).  I like the way Ryan writes about things, he’s kind and honest. Enjoy the reading: Pacing The Panic Room


Individual Icons December 3, 2009

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Another great bracelet by Individual Icons. I read it can be a good gift for guys. I say, I don’t think so… I’m keeping it for myself!

(via Indie Fixx)


Talc December 2, 2009

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I love those pictures (especially the one in the middle): cute kids, great clothes by Talc! I know they are a bit of  “Parisian bobo”, but I don’t care, I really like the style!


Trademark T-shirts December 1, 2009

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This one is for the boys who’ve been complaining that I never post about guy’s stuff. I’m a huge fan of the Mister P. t-shirt! They don’t have my size though… oh yes I had forgotten already, this one is for the lads, not for me…