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Bloodsuckers rings November 30, 2009

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This one is for all my friends who are obsessed with the Twilight saga at the moment. I personally don’t get it… no seriously I don’t. I keep staring at Edward and I just don’t get what’s the fuss is about (he’s waaaaaaay below my standard says the cheeky voice inside of me). But anyway ladies, you can add this ring to your Christmas wish list… who knows…


Tattoo socks November 26, 2009

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I’ve been trying to wear skirts more often lately but I’m not very adventurous in my choice for socks. I always wear the boring black opaque tights. Once in a while I’ll go crazy and will wear bright pink… but only if I go out at night. During the day I won’t dare going out with crazy colored legs. Now that I’ve discovered those Tattoo socks I want to wear skirts every day!


Christmas is coming November 25, 2009

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Christmas is coming soon. Yes, I’m only realising now… because I’m very slow at those things. I really need to get started just thinking about what would be nice to get friends and family. I have no idea who I could get this ring to, but I’m dying to buy it just for the craic.