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Earth Brooch September 14, 2009

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Select your favourite place on earth and wear a custom piece of jewelery based on the topographic landscape. I really like the idea and if it wasn’t for the price I’ll get like 3 of them… yeah I haven’t been able to make a decision, so as usual I’m going for the easy way: I want them all!


Say Cheeeeeese September 7, 2009

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This was just too funny, I had to share! Thinking about getting one for the little one for our next holidays, though she’d totally prefer having a real camera by now!

Available at fredflare.com


Vanity Ring September 6, 2009

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Ooh this is just so wrong, I think I’d love to have one of those (I didn’t specify if I’d be wearing it). This is the way it works: It shows the number of Google hits you get, when you search for the name of the person who wears it (more info about the project here). Yes, I admit, I’ve googled my name in the past (okay, okay that was just last month)… and I frequently google names of people I know (yes, my friends, I’ve googled all of you and what I found wasn’t so pretty)!


Moustache Me September 5, 2009

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I warned you, the moustache madness will never ends. I’ve just found out about this site: moustacheme.com that is taking the trend outdoors. On the website you can buy different type of moustache stickers, then you can place those stickers anywhere you want. Of course, this isn’t about vandalism and the guys from moustacheme.com they certainly don’t like that word… But think about how cool life would be if everything had a moustache!


Too cute? September 5, 2009

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Our daughter rarely wears shoes… well, she doesn’t walk yet, so it’s best for her to be bare feet while she learns (plus it’s just so cute to see her grabbing toys with her feet first). But now that I’ve found those adorable shoes I feel like it would be nice for our baby to wear complete outfits that includes shoes (and I won’t look like a bad mum with my daughter cruising around without shoes… and most of the times without socks).


Here comes the sun September 4, 2009

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or not… it came… went quickly away… and hope’s gone now. It’s over, no more chance or getting some proper sunny days at the park. But, hey… I could get myself this pretty necklace! Yup, if I can’t have the sun I should be allowed to get the sunny jewelry.


Self Portrait Mirror September 4, 2009

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Will the mustache madness ends one day? Hopefully not. The mustache is cool, that’s it. You have to accept it and even be happy about it. I’ve decided that I’ll put  an end to the craziness when I’ll find enough pirate’s paraphernalia to feed my daily post (yes I know who am I kidding? I should say: my weekly post).


Hello Sunshine September 3, 2009

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Something nice to start the day with (though I’m wondering who’d be wearing a yellow jumper?). The weather has been miserable here for… wait… how long? I’ve totally lost track!


Vivetta September 2, 2009

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It’s a good thing I couldn’t find a retailer selling Vivetta’s item in Dublin or in Ireland. Because if I had, I would already be planning how to get there next Saturday (and right now… I can’t afford more shopping). It’s not my style, but I’m in the mood for something new, or silly. I’m getting bored with myself those days (okay a change of wardrobe is just a quick fix… it won’t solve the real issue… I know that!) … if someone has a cure like an anti-bored-with-yourself potion… shout my way.


Loving crochet September 2, 2009

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I need, I want to meet Shannon Gerard. For tonight she’s my new idol, my new goddess. I had such a blast earlier today when I came across her work: The Boobs & Dinks Early Detection Kits. It’s not only cute and funny, it’s also very helpful. These plush crocheted penises have little lumps sewn inside that can be found by following instructions in the accompanying booklets. The booklets also teach you how to perform monthly self-examinations of your own precious privates! Shannon Gerard writes and draws, makes artist’s books about hope, faith and human frailty, she’s creating those hilarious crocheted plush sculptures… and she also teaches courses in print media and nano-publishing at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. She just sounds like the type of girl you’d want to be spend time with, who wouldn’t love to get crocheted plush sculpture on his birthday? Have a look around on her website: shannongerard.org