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Little Angel August 28, 2009

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The Fall collection from Oeuf is brilliant! The colours are lovely and they don’t make kids looking like they’re out of a Disney movie. And the style is cool but won’t make your child look like a total freak among his peers at day care! Of course I love the Angel sweater… I want to be home now… I miss my little one too much!


OOh la la! August 28, 2009

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I said it before but I’m normally not so much into vintage. This said, I think I am about to change my opinion. I’ve found this fabulous dress on Ooh la la! Vintage and I just love it. So maybe this is just a question of finding the right items. Though if I think about it now, this dress would probably not suit me… I’ve been called chubby this week (my friend Emma is so sweet, isn’t she?) and chubby won’t do well with this dress. But she’s right… I had too many hot dogs this week… and too much eggs and bacon for breakfast… too much food in general. It’s really time for me to leave California and go home!


Skylark Studio August 23, 2009

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skylarkstudioBefore I started tat blog I didn’t know how much I love jewelries. My obsession is starting to get pretty ridiculous at this point. And I have to remind myself that I can’t buy all of them… This is really too bad because I’ve just discovered Skylark Studio and I really really want the Buckhorns Necklace and again I know… not my birthday….¬† it’s not Christmas yet….I didn’t do much lately to deserve it! Life can be tough some times!


Manoush August 20, 2009

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I’ve found the perfect dress… but I didn’t find one, I’ve found like a full wardrobe at Manoush! I like the gipsy/fairytale/matrioshka spirit! I love the colors, the fabrics! I don’t even need to invent an excuse to get myself one, it would be perfect for my friend’s wedding in December. I’m heading to bed now, dreaming about a pink bright dress… or maybe a red one…



More mustache August 20, 2009

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The mustache is still in trend (thanks hubby for the link). Wouldn’t this be great to rob a bank? Protect yourself from swine flu? Get in a mustache club if you don’t have a proper one?


White Owl Jewelry August 17, 2009

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Today I feel homesick. It’s not so much that I miss living in France, but I miss afternoons spent watching my mum sewing or cooking. Well, really I miss being 5 years old… And this is all because this morning I was looking at those necklaces from White Owl. It’s just reminded me of times where I could be happy spending hours wearing a curtain as a veil pretending I was getting married to Goldorak.


The lovely creatures August 13, 2009

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Donna Wilson’s knitted creatures are so cute! They’re odd and unexpected but they’re so sweet. My favourite, well my favourites are Tina and Terry. Terry is a worrier, Tina is sly. Terry like thinking, Tina likes playing tricks on Terry. Terry dislikes loud noises, Tina dislikes bad breath. It’s a little early to think about our daughter first birthday, but Tina and Terry could be a very nice present.


Vintage Eyewear August 13, 2009

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I’m so tempted to get new frames! I’m not so much into vintage in general but I’d love to try one of those. I used to have a pair of very bright pink glasses, it took a while for people around me to get use to them… I’m not sure how they’d react if was wearing those Cat Eye frames.


Fingerprint Wedding Bands August 10, 2009

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A lot of girls around me are getting married and it makes me happy. O.k don’t get me wrong here, I’m not any pro-marriage freak, it’s just that if people around me are happy it makes me happy. So, girls, look at those wedding bands, they’re amazing. I like the idea of having your beloved one fingerprint on your wedding band, it makes it very unique and it’s much nicer than having the classical wedding date engraved. Hubby and I have our initials in binary code engraved in our wedding bands… yes we are geeks… but it’s ok we know it…



Abigail A. Percy August 6, 2009

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I’ve been obssessed with Abigail’s jewelries for a while now. I keep visiting her online shop and feeling like buying but everytime something’s stopping me. You might think I’m silly but I don’t buy anything because I feel like it’s too pretty for me… nearly like I’d be ruining her creation by wearing them! They’re just so beautiful and I feel I need to do something really special to deserve it. Obviously I can’t use being a new mum twice… maybe I can treat myself because I’m back at work… hehehe… I’m pure evil …