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Pacing The Panic Room December 5, 2009

You might have seen those pictures before, but just in case… Ryan Marshall’s blog : Pacing The Panic Room documents his life with his wife, stepson Little Buddy and their new baby Tessa Tangerine. I had started to follow the blog when she was pregnant and was amazed/tiny bit jealous by the pictures he has taken of her. We did take pictures while I was pregnant but let’s face it: first I looked nothing like her and well… the pictures weren’t so good (sorry honey).  I like the way Ryan writes about things, he’s kind and honest. Enjoy the reading: Pacing The Panic Room


Playing around… June 29, 2009

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Last week, I’ve been playing around with lenses. It was difficult to take pictures of the little one, as the only thing she wanted was to put the lens in her mouth.

I’ve found this interesting set on Flickr of an handmade sterling silver ring with two optical lenses. t’s a nice project, lovely idea!



Addicted to Polaroid cameras June 27, 2009

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I’ve got about 10 Polaroid cameras at home, all bought on flee markets when I was a student. I love the objects and I love the pictures. But in the last few years it had become more and more difficult to find some of the film and Polaroid has finally announced that it will stop making film. Some people like Jamie Bayliss have decided to react and try to convince another company to produce the films. She’s created this website: savethepolaroid.com where you can submit your pictures.


There’s also many groups on Flickr: Save Polaroid, ‘Roid Week 2009, Polaroid Miniportrait.

As a kid I was playing the “not-breathing” game, holding my breath (or trying really hard to) while looking at the picture appearing on the paper. If I was to breathe, maybe the picture would not appear… that’s what I believed. My addiction really started  after seeing Wim Wender’s movie: Alice in the cities. In the beginning of the movie, one of the main character a German journalist  (played by Rüdiger Vogler) stands on a pier and takes instant snapshots of the scenery. His camera is a Polaroid SX-70,  as soon as I saw it, I just failed in love with it. The camera itself is fascinating with it’s folding body, it adds to the magic. I was lucky enough to find one for a very cheap price (10 euros) 6 years ago in Groningen (in the North of the Netherlands). I love the pictures it takes and regrets that I don’t have any film left at the moment.