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Atelier Assemblé April 18, 2011

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My baby is no longer a baby, but a little girl who’s very much interested in defining the world between boys and girls. Mummy is a girl, I am a girl, daddy is boy… that’s what we hear all day long. We’ve been very cautious around that issue and made sure not to dress her like a princess, buy her toys that were not always gender specific. Some people think that by doing so we’re denying her the right to be a little girl, but that’s not how we see it. We’d like for her to grow and be whatever she wants to be… not what society tells her she should be as girl… eg. wearing pink and glitters, only playing in the house with dolls and pretending to vacuum and clean (have you seen what sort of toys they do those days?) I want her to know that she has the choice, that being a girl doesn’t mean she has to wear pink all the time, that she can build things, be adventurous, be brave… and that boys can wear pink if they want to or play with dolls. But she’s growing… and is starting to want to define herself what it means to be a girl… for now it means pink and dresses. Whenever she sees something pink, she gets super excited and tells us it is for girl and she’s never so happy than when she gets to wear a dress.
So we’ve decided to make her wardrobe a little more girly… but we still don’t want to dress her all in pink, because it’s tarty (I know, I know… this is a little exaggerated now). Today I was browsing around for kids clothing when I came across Atelier Assemblé. And this is exactly the type of clothes I want to buy for her: cute and colourful. The two creators of Atelier Assemblé collect vintage fabrics from the 50s, 60s and 70s to create beautiful piece of clothing for boys and girls from 2 to 10 years old. Those actually reminds me of clothes that my mum made for me when I was a little girl, I wish I could actually use a sewing machine properly, because there’s nothing more special than to wear a dress made by your mum.


Made by Joel November 28, 2010

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Joel is a brilliant artist and a great dad. On his blog?, he posts about toys or craft projects he’s making for his kid. The projects are always fun and clever and I can’t wait to be able to do the same with the small one. I love the Paper city vehicles and the Halloween box scene. Because I felt so inspired this week… I had great plans for this week-end: I had planned to create nice dolls like those ones for my little girl. I had planned to go out it the snow and have fun. I had planned to paint and drink a nice cup of hot chocolate. And I had planned to work hard in the evening once she was asleep so I could finally share my new project here. But instead I started to get a cold, went marching in Dublin’s street to protest against the government, got frozen feet and ended up with a bad cold and temperature. So I didn’t do any of the things I had planned, I’ve spent most of the last days in bed. We should have a law against being sick during the week-end.


Stella for kids November 25, 2010

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So I absolutely adore Stella McCartney for kids. It’s brilliant and girls can wear pretty clothes that don’t make them look like big tarty meringue. There are actually a lot of items I’d love for myself and I really wish I could wear those yellow boots!



LuckyBoySunday May 25, 2010

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In our house we love stripes and polka dots and above all we love mixing stripes and polkda dots! We also love weird looking toys, so it feels like this is the perfect brand for us. More about LuckyBoySunday here.


Talc December 2, 2009

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I love those pictures (especially the one in the middle): cute kids, great clothes by Talc! I know they are a bit of  “Parisian bobo”, but I don’t care, I really like the style!


Junker Jane October 12, 2009

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Nice and freaky little dolls are my favourites! Junker Jane’s Etsy shop – and blog.


Lala Shoes October 7, 2009

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The little one has been wearing shoes lately (the good on, the one with soft soles) as she’s spending a fair amount of time trying to walk (and really, letting her walk bare feet outside the house didn’t work so well anymore). Today I’ve found these cute shoes and as she’s turning one soon, I have a good excuse to buy her a new pair… I can’t wait for Christmas… I know it’s stupid because she won’t remember but Santa is going to have fun this year!


Say Cheeeeeese September 7, 2009

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This was just too funny, I had to share! Thinking about getting one for the little one for our next holidays, though she’d totally prefer having a real camera by now!

Available at fredflare.com


Too cute? September 5, 2009

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Our daughter rarely wears shoes… well, she doesn’t walk yet, so it’s best for her to be bare feet while she learns (plus it’s just so cute to see her grabbing toys with her feet first). But now that I’ve found those adorable shoes I feel like it would be nice for our baby to wear complete outfits that includes shoes (and I won’t look like a bad mum with my daughter cruising around without shoes… and most of the times without socks).


Little Angel August 28, 2009

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The Fall collection from Oeuf is brilliant! The colours are lovely and they don’t make kids looking like they’re out of a Disney movie. And the style is cool but won’t make your child look like a total freak among his peers at day care! Of course I love the Angel sweater… I want to be home now… I miss my little one too much!