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Stone & Honey July 28, 2011

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I love those necklaces from Stone & Honey. They’re delicate and sweet. I need a lot of delicate and sweet in my life right now.


Handmade porcelain jewlery from Goldenink February 21, 2011

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Dear Husband, look at those pretty rings and bracelets (see how I’m also subtly trying to assess if husband is reading blog)… and it’s really good we don’t do Valentine’s day in our house because you can find tones of other reasons to surprise me (I’ll totally fake the surprise I promise).

Sorry for that little digression now, but it’s important to get your point across sometimes.

I don’t wear bracelets very often (something about the fact that they just keep getting in the way when I’m working on my computer), but I absolutely adore those blue ones. Katherine Wheeler and  Abby Seymour are two artists and together they create pieces that are hand crafted, painted and fired in their own kiln. They don’t do mass production and this I really like. (found via bloesem)


Made by Joel November 28, 2010

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Joel is a brilliant artist and a great dad. On his blog?, he posts about toys or craft projects he’s making for his kid. The projects are always fun and clever and I can’t wait to be able to do the same with the small one. I love the Paper city vehicles and the Halloween box scene. Because I felt so inspired this week… I had great plans for this week-end: I had planned to create nice dolls like those ones for my little girl. I had planned to go out it the snow and have fun. I had planned to paint and drink a nice cup of hot chocolate. And I had planned to work hard in the evening once she was asleep so I could finally share my new project here. But instead I started to get a cold, went marching in Dublin’s street to protest against the government, got frozen feet and ended up with a bad cold and temperature. So I didn’t do any of the things I had planned, I’ve spent most of the last days in bed. We should have a law against being sick during the week-end.


Soft-Maps January 28, 2010

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Those quilts/blankets look so comfy… and I love the graphics as well. (Not that long ago, I’ve been asked what my favorite place was. My answer to that (sadly) was: my bed. Yes, I love my bed that much… and I love sleeping even more).

Check out their website (to know more about the quilts… not about my love for sleeping)


Vanilla bug October 13, 2009

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Sweet and cozy brooches: this totally suits my mood today.


Junker Jane October 12, 2009

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Nice and freaky little dolls are my favourites! Junker Jane’s Etsy shop – and blog.


For the pretty bride October 11, 2009

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I was not even looking for bridal stuff, but I’ve found this beautiful shop today on Etsy: whichgoose. I immediately thought about Emma who’s getting married next year and would be the perfect bride to carry around a midsummer night’s dream – butterfly bouquet. I’m not sure Emma would agree (and right now she must be thinking: mind your own business you crazy woman… sorry Emma I can’t help it) but really she should consider (oh yes I insist!)


White Owl Jewelry August 17, 2009

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Today I feel homesick. It’s not so much that I miss living in France, but I miss afternoons spent watching my mum sewing or cooking. Well, really I miss being 5 years old… And this is all because this morning I was looking at those necklaces from White Owl. It’s just reminded me of times where I could be happy spending hours wearing a curtain as a veil pretending I was getting married to Goldorak.


Pirate Pigeons August 2, 2009

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For once I’m thinking that pigeons can be cute and aren’t just flying rats! Those pigeons are from Kate Sutton. Her Etsy shop is here and you can see more of her work here.


Imogene July 30, 2009

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Have a look around at Imogene.org. There’s a lot of very intersting creations on their website. I’m feeling like treating myself with a new necklace… again…